Staying Alive Program

This program is about advanced health risk management- knowing and managing your health risks puts you in control of your health future. We do a thorough study of your family tree, your personal history, risk factors and gene tests (if desired) to identify any disease propensities early, institute life changes to prevent/detect diseases at their earliest curable, manageable stages.

A regular preventive health check is a good idea for everyone. The RACGP red book allows certain preventive screening to be available under Medicare and your doctor will be familiar with this. Any screening above this is not Medicare refundable.

If you have not had a recent health assessment (in last 12 months) you may choose from several different types of health assessments to assess your baseline results. If you are aged between 45-49 there is a special subsidy from Medicare for this exam so notify reception when you book, of you age.

From all this combined information, we develop a personalised proactive preventive health program for you and we take advantage of every available technology to do so, keeping on top of latest research and new health innovations.

We inform you of latest research into factors that contribute to cancer, heart disease and what you can do to prevent it and detect it at an early treatable stage. Similarly, with lifestyle diseases e.g. diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc.

Corporate clients are not able to access Medicare for this service.

For those living elsewhere, Skype appointment can be made. We can send you the medical questionnaire and examinations to have with your local doctor, we can review your results and advise on your preventive health plan, plus order gene tests if desired and send you a collection kit.

These Skype appointments are not currently refundable by Medicare.


Without good health we have nothing

By proactive screening we can detect cancers and other diseases at an early stage and save your life. Take control of your future and book you’re Staying Alive appointment today. Medical science now has various methods of health screening that can detect early cancers.

Currently these are not utilised to their full potential as Medicare doesn’t fund this sort of high-level preventive screening. However we believe we should take advantage of it for our patients and make it available. The older one gets, the more one knows how important it is to have good health and to be proactive about disease prevention and early detection.

Virtually, all cancers if detected early, are curable. All cancers are genetic. Some are hereditary, and most are due to the interactions of your genes and damage caused by the environment that you expose your genes to. So, protecting your DNA is the only thing you can control.

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