First Visit

The Staying Alive Program consists of two appointments combined with optional gene testing, and a yearly follow up progress appointment.

Appointments are in our Brisbane medical centre or via a Skype appointment.

Your initial appointment requires some preparation with a full medical questionnaire, copies all recent results and investigations and a minimum 3 generation family health history to be completed prior to attending.

There is a review of known risk factors i.e., family history, past history, your biomarkers e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar level, prostate specific antigen, renal and liver function, weight and BMI, abdominal circumference, personal habits (diet, smoking, exercise, work-life balance).

If you want, you can have gene tests to investigate on any clues to tendencies of over 100 diseases. We combine genetic and known risk factor information to develop a personal long-term life risk management plan. Pre and post-test counselling is included in your appointment schedule to ensure you understand the benefits and limitations of testing beforehand.

Your risk management plan is discussed at your second appointment where we make use of advanced technology to screen for cardiac and cancer risks. You will be provided a report at the end of the process.

This unique proactive screening program is aimed at giving you the best chance to have cancers and diseases detected at an early curable, preventable or treatable stage.

Yearly progress appointments are essential to continue your program and adjust your master health plan where necessary.

Each appointment is 1 hour in length and costs $295.

The optional gene testing is $225.

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