Why Be Proactive?

We all spend money on maintaining our cars every year. Why wouldn’t we take the opportunity to keep ourselves alive for the same or less money ?

We can combine the health risk review with genetic testing to find the weak spots in our armour and plan for those, and take action to lessen their effects.

We can’t change our genetic heritage, but we can have control over many of the detrimental environmental elements that we allow to impact them.

So by knowing our gene variances we can personalise the advice to minimise downside risks and up the surveillance to detect changes early and deal with them promptly, giving you better control over your life and future.


  • All diseases have a genetic component
  • All cancers are genetic. Some of them are hereditary, but most are related to an interaction between the environment and your genes.

For instance

People with a family history of Parkinson’s have a particular gene change if they expose themselves to pesticides, and this increases the risk of Parkinson’s, so we warn them to go organic and avoid pesticides in their living environment.

Also, for people who are slow acetylator (a clue would be if they drink coffee and it keeps them awake), they have a small gene change, which means that they don’t metabolise hydrocarbons as well as others do . This means that their lungs and bladders are exposed to substances of the carcinogenic breakdown longer and are thus at a higher risk for lung and bladder cancer.

These people need to be warned not to smoke as their risk is higher and to avoid smoked foods and living near freeways. They also need to drink lots of water to flush out and dilute carcinogens in the bladder.

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