Survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest

CPR and Defibrillation

Your chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital are one in 20. This is due to delay in defibrillation.

In Australia one person has a heart attack every 10 mins. 20% are under age 55.

Lives could be saved if defibrillators were more freely available – in every home and office. Defibrillators are portable versions of the emergency room electronic shock paddles seen on shows like ER. The size of a laptop computer, they work by shocking the heart back into its normal rhythm after an abnormal rhythm or arrhythmia disrupts the heartbeat during a heart attack.

Defibrillators saved three-quarters of the adults who were seen suffering cardiac arrest, if they were treated within three minutes. The devices will save half of those treated between three and nine minutes. The average time from collapse to the first administered shock was around 4 ½ minutes and it takes more than 10 minutes, on average, for trained emergency medical technicians in ambulances to arrive. This delay greatly reduces your chance of survival.

Simple defibrillators suitable for layman use have been developed with voice commands to go through the process step by step. The machines will only shock if it’s necessary as it reads the heart rhythm at the same time and knows if a shock is needed.

Our Defib and CPR training program could save YOUR life. Purchase one for your office/home and enrol your staff/family in the training now. Training can be done in the office in lunch times by a trained paramedic or can be done after work.

CPR and Defibrillation

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